Puck Verkade

Puck Verkade and Daniel Kelly in DKUK

Daniel looks after artist Puck Verkade’s curls, whilst discussion the relationship between culture and nature, which forms a cornerstone of her practice.

John Walter

John Walter takes his spot in the chair to discuss all things memes, ‘breeding’ images and why he thinks the ideology of Brexit is linked to Gothic Revival architecture.

Sadé Mica

Sadé Mica

Daniel chats with Sadé Mica during a cut about their exhibition and the theme of gender identity and that runs throughout.

Richard Woods

Daniel sat down with Woodsy to discuss wood, wood and more wood. The discussion also verges over how it feels to be an artists existing in multiple disciplines.

Ze Aya

Im not like all the other boys close up

Daniel talks to Ze Aya about leaving art school, taking up tattooing and finally making work again!

Sasha Galitzine

Daniel chats with Salon 63 curator Sasha Galitzine about her upcoming project with salons along the 63 bus route & more!

Alistair Hudson

Daniel chats with Alistair Hudson, Director of Manchester Art Gallery and the Whitworth.

Fay Nicolson

Daniel Kelly chats to artist Fay Nicolson after recently opening her show ‘Sound Before Symbol’ at DKUK.