It is clear by now that this situation is unlike any other we’ve experienced. Each one of you and us will have been affected in our own ways and we hope that you can take comfort in knowing that the emotions you’re feeling will be shared with many others in the DKUK community. As more businesses start to re-open we are all going to need to adapt to yet another new way of life which can be daunting and feel somewhat exhausting. However, we can’t wait to see you again and in this letter we will share with you the steps we are taking to be able to do this. 

First and foremost, we are sending a giant virtual hug to all of you. Whether you have been impacted by the virus directly or indirectly, we all deserve one. To those who are sick, we extend our wishes for a full and speedy recovery. To those who are vulnerable and have on-going shielding measures we are sending strength and sunshine. For all our key workers who have been working so hard and experiencing this in a different way we have a great big THANK YOU! 

At DKUK the health and safety of our employees, families and communities is paramount. Most of our employees are furloughed and all are safe with their families. We have been checking in with each other each week to share our thoughts/feelings/worries (as well as books and crochet tips etc.) During this time we have researched PPE for both ours and yours safety so we are ready for whatever the final guidelines will be. 

While all businesses are in uncharted territory, DKUK was built to handle moments like this. Cleanliness has always been a core value of ours and it’s not about to waver now. We’re very lucky to have an extremely spacious environment and stylists local to Peckham which means they are able to avoid public transport. 

The provisional date set for salons re-opening is 4 July, so as we get closer to this date it is important that you know your visit to DKUK will look a little different. We have taken careful guidance from the National Hair & Beauty Federation who have been consulting with the Government on the needs for our industry to come up with a plan to ensure everyone is kept safe and happy. These may be subject to change as policies are officially announced. Working in this environment will also be very different so we hope that by reading this you will understand necessary changes made and how you can help us to do our best job.


As it currently stands here’s what to expect! 

Pre booked appointment only

We will only be taking appointments booked in advance. This will help us control how many people we have in the space at one time which is essential so that we can comply with social distancing measures. If you would like to be added to our waiting list please follow the link below.

Our chairs will also remain spaced out so that stylists can maintain a safe distance and we will ask that you do not bring friends or family with you to the salon.

Symptom checks and cancellation fees 

We will continue to check staff symptoms daily to make sure they do not come to work if they are showing any. We kindly ask that clients do the same and do not visit us if they or someone they live with is unwell. For this reason we will be waiving late cancellation fees.

Being on time

We will be asking clients to please please please be on time. We will have a lot more to do in between appointments, as well as wearing PPE which will slow us down. There is no time for us to run late as we work through our day.

Sections and tools cleaned before each appointment

We will be blocking 15 minutes of cleaning time after each client so that we can meet all hygiene requirements. All our tools are kept in Barbicide and all scissors and brushes sanitised after every use.  All surfaces, reception desk, door handles and chairs will be disinfected after every client using antibacterial sprays.

We will be ensuring that our space is well ventilated at all times. We have a sophisticated cooling system and doors and windows that can be kept open. 

We use eco-friendly one-use disposable towels which go straight in the bin as soon as we are finished with them. This includes disposable towels for drying hands.

We will be removing our waste by leaving it in a safe place for 72 hrs before disposing in communal waste areas. 


We will not be wearing the same clothes to and from work. Our clothes will be washed at 60 degrees after every shift and shoes will be left at the salon. We will be wearing a mask, visor and gloves (tbc). Luckily with no mirrors you won’t be too aware of this! 

Each team member will have their own hairdressing kit so there will be no sharing. These will be sterilised after each use. 

Preparation station

On your arrival you will be guided through our preparation station. This will be opposite reception. Our reception desk will now have a perspex shielding but the receptionist will still be able to help guide you through the steps if needed. 

We will have a coat rail/hooks where you will hang your coat – it will be evenly spaced away from other coats. You will then be able to sterilise your hands and phone and put on a disposable gown. 

One way system

There will be a one way system for moving through the space that will be easy to follow with arrows on the floor. If you are a DKUK regular you will notice that we will not be doing your consultation in your usual spot – instead you will be taken directly to your chair so that we can maintain social distancing.  Next, your stylist will take you to have your hair shampooed. (Please note we will be doing no dry cuts as all hair will need to be washed.)

Drinks & Reading

Sadly we will have to stop our big tea selection for the time being! I know – we are gutted too! Instead we will be providing everybody with a bottle of water and you can still buy our boxes of Delgaty tea to enjoy at home. 

It is also with sadness that for now our bookshelves will be out of bounds and we will not be able to provide you with our usual incredible reading selection. 

Payment & tips 

Where possible, we will be asking clients to use contactless payment. It’s also good to note that with Apple and Google pay there is no maximum limit. If you would like to, we would also encourage clients to pay for their appointments in advance. We will be emailing receipts so we can avoid handing paper over to clients. 

If you would like to tip our staff you can do this via contactless payment system. Alternatively, we will have tip jars.

There will be an optional surcharge of £3 that will help the business cover any additional costs incurred for buying Covid essentials.

No hugging! 

This is the saddest one for us as we love a team hug! We will not be able to hug and this means no hugging or handshakes between us either. 

Waiting lists 

We are anticipating exceptional demand when we return. If you would like to go on our waiting list then please click here where you can send us an email. Please let us know your preferred stylist, which service you require and which day of the week is best for you.

… and that’s the bulk of it! We know it sounds kind of scary but it’s good to remember that a lot of these  measures we had in place already. Besides, we have all already begun adapting to new ways of being in a social space so hopefully by the time we open all of this will be second nature!

By reading this you have helped us SO MUCH! We really appreciate your time and can’t wait to see you on the other side! 

We’ll be in touch again soon.

Love from your ever grateful DKUK team.