cut and blowdry

A cut and blow dry is one of our most frequent services and is what you should choose whether you are maintaining or changing your haircut.

At DKUK all haircuts begin with an in depth consultation with your stylist to collaborate on the perfect haircut for you.


Your hair will be washed with our delicious products and you will receive an optional head massage (top tip: you can upgrade for £5 to a five minute Indian head massage!)

Once the cut is complete your hair will be dried (with either a brush or diffuser) and styled as you wish.

box braids/cornrows

For this service, extensions can be added to natural hair to create versatility in length, colour and styling. This is a convenient way to switch up your look for those with a busy lifestyle who want a low maintenance style.
Your hair must be in good condition, and this service is suitable for all hair textures with length from 4-5 inches. Our extensions can last from 2-4 weeks depending on your hair texture, and we recommend a weekly scalp cleanse to avoid build up.


Balayage is a free hand painted technique which creates the most natural blend of colour. The results are seamless blends that give you a sun kissed look. The technique originates from France and got its name from the long sweeping motions used as balayage translates to ‘sweeping.’

Your technician is able to create a natural colour or can intensify the results according to your vision. clever colour placement to enhance your features and draw the eye where we want it. (Yes colour can really do this!) Together you will decide how much of your natural root you would like to keep and how much of the hair you wish to brighten. 

Balayage is popular as a low maintenance alternative to highlights, as it grows out subtly without a harsh root – we recommend a simple toner every 5-6 weeks to keep the colour looking vibrant. A balayage can then be refreshed when the lighter pieces have grown out from around the face.

This technique is suitable for all hair types, but results in colour always depends on your natural hair colour. This is something that your stylist will talk you through during your consultation. 

We recommend Olaplex with all our colours especially when lightening the hair. Olaplex will protect your hair by rebuilding the bonds that are broken down during the chemical process.


full head tint/root tint

A full head tint is used to darken or lighten all of the hair by a few shades, a tint will also work at covering grey hair. Darkening the hair with a tint is a much easier process but to lighten the hair with a tint depends on the natural colour of your hair. If the desired result is not achievable with a tint we will always be able to advise the most suitable technique in order to achieve your hair goal. Hair colour can often be a journey which takes a series of appointments to achieve certain results.

In order to maintain a full head tint we recommend coming back in for a root tint every 4-6 weeks depending on the speed of your root growth. Although tint is permanent it can begin to fade and lose its vibrancy so for this reason we also recommend frequent full head top-ups in between appointments. 

We can recommend tints to all hair types depending on the result you are looking for. We always recommend Olaplex with our colours even when we aren’t using bleach as it is always important to protect the hair from the colour process.




Highlights are used to create an all over blonde that begins from the very root of your natural hair creating bright all over results. Your stylist will take fine sections and use foils in order to lift the natural tone of your hair carefully and evenly.

It’s a common fear that highlights will look stripy but by using the correct technique our stylists can create beautiful bright blondes that look natural and blended. Your technician will work with you to advise if highlights are suitable for your hair goals and can adjust the technique according to the level of contrast you want to achieve.


We recommend returning every 6-8 weeks for highlights so that the hair which has grown out will lift cleanly and look consistent with the rest of the highlights. Our highlighting service also includes a toner which works at refreshing all of the hair and will keep the blonde looking vibrant. 

We always recommend Olaplex when highlighting the hair in order to keep the condition of the hair strong.


creative colour

Creative colours begin with lightening hair and then adding a vibrant colour on top such as pink, green, silver – the possibilities can be endless! 

First we must decide how much of the hair you would like to change. We can bleach the full head for all over creative colours, just a panel for a statement look or alternatively we can add a creative colour on top of a balayage or highlights.

Your stylist will be able to advise on which colours will work best on your hair and if we will be able to achieve the correct level of lightness during the bleaching. It is a good idea to arrange a consultation so that your stylist can see your hair as it can take several appointments to lighten darker hair. 

It is important to note that creative colours do fade to reveal the blonde base they have been applied to. There are ways to maintain this at home by purchasing products with pigment or one of our customised colour pots which are mixed specially for you. 

It is common that the hair is more stressed during these colour changes and so it is always advised to use Olaplex throughout the process.